Friday, January 20, 2012

Elements of Style

For someone like me who aspires to be an effortlessly chic gal about town, this new Saba wheel has me excited.

Saba's Elements of Style is an easy way to break down the key components of your wardrobe.

Focus on key staples in each of the octagons and bam! You have a simple yet versatile wardrobe that can take you from day to night, casual to glam in a second.


Brooke said...

Great link Kate (as always!). I haven't tried online shopping with Saba, but after looking at this Elements wheel I think my work wardrobe probably needs it!

Anonymous said...

Love this Kate!! Saw it yesterday and was inspired. I never know what my wardrobe is missing to make more use of what is there; and here it is all easily spread out for me. Although I think there is space for a ninth element - the cocktail dress! (and a tenth would be mooch-around-the-house-clothes-that-are-designed-for-exercise-but-never-get-to-see-the-gym-because-they-are-too-comfy! but I definately don't need any more of those!)love flavs xx