Sunday, January 8, 2012

If you can't handle the heat . . .

There's something special about homemade pizzas in Summer by the pool. 

I was over at Mum and Dad's last weekend during the heatwave in the Rads. They have a pool, airconditioning and Foxtel. What more can I say?

After a long afternoon watching movies in the air con and interchanging from the couch to the pool and back again, the clock ticked over to 5pm which signalled happy hour. Every week Mum and Dad's next door neighbour pops over for end/start of week drinks. His wife joined in the fun this week as well, so Mum and I sat out with them on the lawn and sweltered over a few ciders (Dirty Granny is our tipple of choice at the mo).

Noone felt like cooking so I offered to try and replicate the fabulous pizzas that Ad knocked up on Kangaroo Island. Light, easy and quick.

They were easy as pie to whip up as I used pita bases. Ready in no time.

We had good intentions of sitting by the pool and dangling our feet while we feasted . . . but it was too hot to sit on the pavers so we stayed inside!

Oh the joys of an Australian Summer!

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Anonymous said...

Adelaide, a pool, Foxtel and airconditioning... I couldn't think of anywhere I'd rather be. Jealousy inducing post Miss K xx