Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Blush is the new black

Have I been sleeping under a rock?

Blair Waldorf is getting married?!

I nearly choked on my cuppa tea when I got my XO Vera Wang update today.

Looks like I've got some heavy duty couch time coming up with some Gossip Girl downloading a serious priority over the next week or so. How could I be so out of touch!?

Oh that's right, I moved out of Mum and Dad's and as a result, farewelled Foxtel!

Back to the main issue here . . . the frocks.

Love love LOVE the Vera Wang blush rose pink bridesmaid dresses. Gorgeous gorgeous colour. Tough competition for my all time favey champagne colour. Can't wait to see Serena in all those marshmallowy layers.

Congratulations on 100 episodes, Gossip Girl.

"Ex oh, ex oh"


Brooke said...

Oh Kate, you've got some catching up to do! Seriously - get to the DVD store, hire the whole season and I promise you won't want to move all weekend.

Kate said...

Another of your 'age inappropriate' tv faves, Brooke? Ha, I'm always careful who I can admit my love of these teeny shows to! Glad you share my enthusiasm x

Andie said...

oh em gee Kate!! please do spend some serious time this weekend catching up - definitely a super productive way to spend a weekend!
happy to indulge in a full GG debrief anytime you want.
p.s. i heart chuck bass.

TINA KENT said...

haha! just watched season 4 over about a fortnight & now having serious regets its all over. ABC 2 is just not cutting it. I even made Henry watch gossip girl . . .chuck bass' fashion is an education in itself! lovT