Saturday, March 24, 2012

An 'Affair' to remember

Time to share some more love through the Liebster Awards.

I'm over the moon to include this fabulous gal in my list as I've got to know her over email this past year or so and feel like we'd be besties in 'real life' if we were ever to meet.

Tina Kent of Lady Chatterley's Affair, hits my design/party/fashion ethos right on. 

She has style to die for and I'd swap my digs for her stunning home in a second. I think her wedding was quite possibly the most magical event I've ever laid eyes on?

This wonder woman never ceases to amaze me - she's just had her second child (gorgeous little Alice) AND has opened an online store.

In amongst all this mayhem, the darling found time in her day to respond to some questions for The Polkadot Pantry. Here she goes . . . 

Three ingredients that are always in your shopping trolley?
Danish fetta cheese, french bread stick, nappies!

Who's your style icon? 
Jackie Kennedy

First CD you bought
Empire Records Soundtrack

Favourite shade of lipstick
Elizabeth Arden - coral vibrations
(*Editor's note - I'll be heading out to try this one today, T always looks fab!)

Best thing about blogging
Meeting people with the same interests

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On a side note, Tina is so well-loved in ye olde bloggy world that Brooke from The House on Chambers also acknowledged her in her own Liebster nominations! Talk about hot hot hot!

If only she lived in Adelaide . . . although T, I feel a little holiday to Brisbane on the cards soon! Pop that kettle on xo

Make sure you visit her fantabulous blog here. I promise it'll be a new daily fave.

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TINA KENT said...

As always, thanks heaps Kate! So I have linked back but hope I've got it right! Now to heat up my old coffee for the 5th time . . no joke! lovT