Thursday, March 29, 2012

This little rabbit

I have a new crush.

His name is Max, and he's gorgeous beyond words.

And did I mention Max is my Godson?!

Yep, I became a Godmother on Sunday.

Me. Single, crazy, loves a champagne, Port supporter ME!

I think Max's Dad (and his Pop Peter!) questioned their choice in me when I turned up to lunch - late - with neon orange fingernails and hot pink lips. Oh, and polkadots.

I did come armed with Greek Salad for 40 people though, and gave a killer Christening present (thanks to the talents of White and Wander), so all was forgiven!

The day started with a two hour drive to Maitland on the Yorke Peninsula where we had the most stunning lunch at Max's Dad's family homestead.

Max's Mum Kelly is known for her themes and she did not disappoint! (Think back to Humpty Dumpty, Little Bird and Rainbow)

Hello bunny!

Kelly's Mum Carole and sister Abby produced this ah-mazing cake. Watch out Planet Cake, here come the Walker girls!

After a gorgeous lunch of yiros and Greek salad, and the most heavenly desserts thanks to fellow Godparent Rick, we trooped off to the family church for the formalities.

And of course, a perfectly 'blue' afternoon tea in the church hall.

Such a gorgeous day with a gorgeous family (who I have inherited from one of my besties Bree who moved to Hobart this year).

All I can say, is good luck Max. You'll need it with me as 'spiritual guide'!

(Be afraid, Mark, be very afraid!)


Anonymous said...

Max is a lucky man! Xx gem

Lill said...

phht, spiritual guide! Bah ha ha! Is this like when our Mums would let us go out at high school if you were going to be there, because "Kate Elliott is just so sensible"...?

Kate said...

Correct, Lill! I am as pure as they come. Butter wouldn't melt in my mouth. Sweet as sugar. You know me too well x

Gild and Grace said...

I'm loving the polka dots Kate and I'm sure in years to come Max will be very happy to have such a fun godmother!

Abbey x

Anonymous said...

Great pics, loverly party and great polkadot dress oh and I thought of you saw on Ten tonight that Offspring season 3 starts April 18!


Kate said...

I can't wait for Offspring, India! I just hope she doesn't stuff it up with the hot doc!

Anonymous said...

Ms Elliott

We expect nothing less than your 'worldly' guidance for Max....although every time we mention 'Kate Elliott' he smiles madly (mischievously in fact)!! No doubt you will lead him down a path of all things fine.

Thank you for your tremendous input into Max's special day. We LOVE his canvas - something special for him to cherish for year's to come.

K&M&z&m xx

Kate said...

Thanks for including me in the fam, Kelly! Max, you're in for a fun ride, kiddo!