Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dream a little dream

I have never woken up more excited on a Sunday morning than today.

Daylight savings meant an extra hour to play with . . . and the new edition of Adore Home mag in my inbox! I was actually up in the 7 o'clock hour . . . last time that happened on a Sunday, I think I was getting home, not getting up (and it would've been in my uni years!) so put the bonus hour to good use in bed with my laptop (and a half finished bag of CCs from Friday night!)

Gorgeous issue of Adore Home. Loved every page and clicked through to so many online shops and stockists. Really appreciate the fact they cater for all budgets.

So, I've found my new dream home. Naomi Stein's home in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia (doesn't the suburb just sound dreamy?) is a gorgeous blend of colour and glam. It's bold and eclectic and I love it.

Cool bedhead and a lovely, light bedroom. The bedside table is divine.

How cool does she make a boring Ikea Expedit bookcase look!?

Goooooood cluster wall, and love that shade of hot pink desk. 

And now I know where this image comes from - I think I've pinned it before - love so much about it. The coffee table vignette, the cushions, the sofa, the navy frame on the doors. Perfection!

So it's been a luverly start to Sunday. And to make things even better, we've got a sweet little lunch for Miss Brown's birthday today at the SFC. I'm doing dips so had better drag myself out of bed soon and get started in the kitchen!

Happy Sunday Funday to you all!


Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

Sunday Funday!!! thanks darling girl - its been a gorgeous day and your delicious dip made for a fabulous start x

Brooke said...

So glad to see the end of Daylight Savings - not a moment too soon!

navy and orange said...

that blue wall is pure perfection!

xoxo navy & orange

Tabby said...

I should say the photos make a great relaxing room where a person can make his creativity work at its best.