Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's going to be a big day . . .

Okay. So I missed it.

My big opportunity to see her live, and I missed it!

Someone gave me a bum steer on the time of the press conference yesterday and I got there only to catch the tail end of Peter Moody's interview.


Do us proud today, BC! Don't let Adelaide be known as the town that broke your winning streak!

I've got my salmon with black polkadots flag at the ready (plus a new outfit thanks to Mr David Jones last night!).

It's going to be a big day . . .


TINA KENT said...

Uh oh!! This is the first time I have no idea what Ur talking about! The only thing I recognized was David Jones! Is it cause I haven't watched the news or picked up a paper in 6wks. Hook me up- I'm thinking horse racing but who is BC & why wasn't he impressed w your flag! Anything w spots is a winner! LovT

Kate said...

Tina! And there I was thinking we were soul sisters! BC is the one and only Black Caviar, world record breaking champion horse - her trainer is none other than Peter Moody who hails from your homeland. The Queenslander with the dapper hat (who smokes like a train). Ring any bells? She's heading over to Royal Ascot (oh the memories, how I wish I could head back) in a couple of months so this was her final preparation in the Rads (Radelaide for the uninitiated). I guess I'll let you off the hook this time - horses meant nothing to me until BC came to town. The Races for me are all about the fashion and the bubbles!! Hope you're well, my dear xoxoxo