Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lavender love

We had the beautiful wedding of Christina and Craig last Friday and everything about it was perfect.

(By the way, I'm on this Friday wedding bandwagon, it was awesome having two days to recover!!)

The deliriously happy couple looked gorgeous and everyone had such a fun night.

The flowers were spectacular - full of lavender and purple blooms. Bliss Events did a wonderful job, really capturing the vintagey, country chic, barnyard vibe (Cat will probably kill me for that poor description which really didn't do her any justice! Just trust me, they were ah-mazing)

And this is me with the bride. Isn't she a vision!?

I tried to channel my inner Elva Fields and convert a new necklace into a masterpiece by adding a brooch. Hmm, not sure I really got there, but am so lucky to have such creative and talented friends - Emma helped with my jewels and hair (and also played chauffeur) while Sally did my makeup. She is a master, that girl. I felt so pretty!

Here's to a happy and healthy long life ahead Christina and Craig x


Rachel said...

Doesnt she look gorgeous. I am planning my wedding at the moment and I get so excited to see other peoples wedding photos.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls! Love those curls Kate, must let them out more often xxx
Happy easter darling xx