Monday, April 30, 2012

Wish upon a star

Every year we go through the same thing:

"Write me a list, Kate. I don't know what you don't want for your birthday if you don't write a list"

So Mum and I were talking about my list last week, and these are some of the things we brainstormed . . . (might I add she laughed at most of my suggestions, but a girl can dream!)

Love love loving Florence and the Machine. I know. I'm slow off the blocks.

Just call me Kate Moss. Not sure which colour would be best though?

Flights to Hobart and/or Melbourne to visit my besties.

Some kind of artwork. I have been lusting after Bally posters for years.

Jewels. Love me some arm candy.

A weekend with Anna Spiro (plus a blank cheque for decorating!). She'd get my little shoebox in tip top shape in no time!

Feeling the love for florals lately. Some new perfume would be great.

Ever so cute. Kate Spade.

A facial. My skin is crying out for some love.

New cushions. See this post for inspiration!

Beautiful stationery. Wouldn't say no to a set of Kate Spade lovelies. Kate Spade anything, in fact.

Laguiole steak knives. The first time I've been able to combine my love of bright colours with my appreciation of red meat!

A new Longchamp. You've seen my 'pub scum' old one Mum, time for an upgrade.

As a Journalism graduate who did an internship at Cosmo, I think this is a must-own. Can't believe I STILL haven't seen it!

One day I'll have my own Pip Boydell beauty.

A Pixie coffee machine. Think of the money I'd save, Mum!

A frying pan with a lid. A must for this foodie.

New quiltcover. Haven't found one that's made my heart skip a beat yet, but I'm sure I could try harder . . .

New sunglasses. My Tom Fords have done me well, but time to mix things up a bit.

And I know he makes it on every year, but a boyfriend would be great thanks Mum. Any of the above trio will do as a son-in-law, don't you think? Thanks.

So there you have it. I'm not aiming high, am I? Ha ha ha. Me? Never! The big 2-9 is nothing special and with most of my best friends away from home, it's going to be a quiet celebration with the family this year. 

I'm making my famous honeycomb sponge for work on Thursday (so indulgent and naughty but really simple - I'll post the recipe later in the week) and then have another day at The Races on Saturday - Centrebet SA Derby Day. Hello black and white, lovers!

Have a great week, my dearies!



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind quite a lot of items on this list as well! The only one I have checked off is the boyfriend, so maybe I need to leave this list lying around for him! :) Hope you have a fabulous birthday xx

Anna (My Design Ethos)

Anonymous said...

Yeah nice Kate, loving your choices!! Talk to you later in the week. Xx jb

Anonymous said...

Kate - no wonder we got along so well in London as we have such similar taste!! I have that poster and that Kate Spade set! (they were actually both gifts so maybe it's my sister-in-law who has the same taste as you!);-) happy birthday!! Gill x

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely Birthday and let us know what you do end up getting. I like the Khaki or black Hunters myself - boring I know and Paper Giants is fab!


Krystal said...

The Pixie coffee machine would be my pick. We have a Nespresso and the coffee tastes great, it's super quick and the machine cleans its self.
...The George Clooney TV ads will sell it much better than me though :)

Sarah said...

You have to watch the Cleo series! It is excellent! I watched the entire series back to back!! Also, I must have that Kate spade writing set!!

Kate said...

Thank you for your comments, lovely ladies! Birthday week has been a bit blugh so far, so loved hearing from yo

Anna - I'd swap everything on the list for a boyfriend (well, maybe not a house revamp from Ms Spiro!)

JB - catch up soon, need me some country fresh air!

Miss Gill, I knew we were kindred spirits! If only you lived closer xo

India - I don't think you could ever call classic 'boring'. Black or khaki would be sensible choices. Maybe navy?

Krystal - I've got my fingers crossed for a Pixie. They've recently opened a Nespresso store in Rundle Mall (our main shopping strip) and have been admiring George for a long time now. My first job in London was actually working in customer surveys for Nespresso, so it has sentimental value as well!

Sarah - I've heard the best things about Paper Giants. I just LOVE Asher Keddie