Friday, April 20, 2012

Wish You Were Here

Last night I saw a movie that really touched me.

Not in a reach for the tissues kind of way, but in a 'that could happen to me' kind of way.

Wish You Were Here is an amazing Australian movie - they call it a 'psychological drama' but I think that makes it sound scary.

I didn't know anything about it, hadn't seen the trailer, didn't read the review. I knew Joel Edgerton was in it (I'm a Secret Life of Us fan from waaaay back so this excited me to no end!) as was one of SA's fave exports Teresa Palmer, but that's it.

And I was impressed. The acting was really good and the storyline was so unexpected. I think it was the fact that I have holidayed in South-East Asia and so have most of my friends (and the fact that my brother, sister-in-law and niece are in Bali at the moment . . . ) that they story seemed so real.

It made me realise how flippant Australian tourists are, so carefree and easy going and how any of my friends could've been characters in this story. That scares the life out of me.

Any mothers out there, please make your children see this movie before they leave for a South-East Asian adventure.
(Gosh, don't I sound old and boring?!?)

Anyone else, I can't say it's an enjoyable movie, but it's clever and there's some gorgeous scenery and the kids in it are super cute! And above all else, support the local film industry.

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Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

ooooooh - i saw this in a mag the other day and wanted to see it. thanks for the cryptic heads up. x