Sunday, March 18, 2012

New fave blog

So I've just found the most 'darling' blog that's caught my attention and landed in my daily faves.

Design Darling. It's gorgeous.

22 year olds are just so talented these days! At that age, I was living it up in London, scrounging my pounds together for an underground ticket or a pint of beer!

She has a great eye and puts together the most gorgeous theme boards and outfit suggestions.

And the best bit? She's just opened an online store!

It's great when you can actually turn some inspiration into action and get your hot little hands on a curated collection.

Check it out her blog here and shop here.


Brooke said...

Another fabulous blog find, Kate! I'm heading off the check it out now.

Kim Grey said...

Such a fresh colourful blog! I just started following it. Thanks for sharing!