Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tea for two

Sometimes, there's just nothing than can beat a cup of good, strong tea with your Granny.

Oh, and of course crusty bread with butter and Promite (nope, no Vegemite at my grandparents' place) and a thick slab of cheese.

The simple things in life x


Brooke said...

What gorgeous teacups! I have some brightly coloured favourites from T2 - they always make a simple cup of tea feel like an event!

Kate said...

My Granny has the BEST collection of china tea cups, Brooke! We've organised some very pretty bridal showers with all her bits and bobs over the years. We've even sipped punch from them! This cup I snapped was a Royal Albert one I got her at Christmas - her last name is May and I'm born in May so she thought it was just precious (you can just see the word poking out of the tea in the photo)

I have some faves from T2 too - the ultra big pastel ones with the huge floral pic inside. GORGE!