Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An icy reception

Popped over to visit Miss Brown at the SFC the other night and celebrated the new house with a few ciders and some delicious Thai.

Miss Clements got us excited with her decorating talk and we spent hours surfing the net for side tables, bar carts, lamps, you name it.

But back to my area of expertise (because I'd hate to confuse a Hamptons style with Hollywood glamour!) . . . let's talk about the food and drinks.

I made my easy 'taco' dip but I'll save the recipe for you when I have a better pic. Kind of looks like your fridge has exploded unless you get the right angle.

On to the drinks. We cracked open a few Pipsqueaks by the fab team at Little Creatures and Kimberlee served them up in the most gorgeous coloured glasses. As Emma said, it was like we were in the Mediterranean somewhere.

But the wow factor for me (I'm so easily impressed!) was the shape of the ice cubes!

Kimberlee produced long, thin sticks of ice that were so much more elegant than your usual cube. They'd be GREAT for Pimms.

Further investigation has hunted them down at IKEA . . . and prepare yourself for the shock, but they're only 75c each! Bargain of the century!

So guess where I'm heading this weekend. And you know what? I might even pick up a heart tray while I'm there! Talk about breaking the bank!


Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

Now the accountant in me asks you to spend wisely - so get at least 3 of the 'long stick' trays as they are great of 'jugs of things' - love you lots x

Kate said...

Glad you're looking out for me Kimbo xox

Anonymous said...

Cute, but unfortunately they are made in China. I saw these at IKEA and -- for this reason -- immediately rejected them.
Who knows what poisonous substances might be lurking? (I'm guesssing melamine, for one.)