Sunday, February 5, 2012


I pinned this pic ages ago from a subtle revelry.

Love love love styled mag.

This pic was the inspiration for the Cowboy Baby Shower I'm throwing for Gemma in a couple of weeks. Random, hey!?

I love stacks of fluffy bite-sized pikelets and the feathers added a playful element that reminded me of a girl's take on Cowboys and Indians.

We're having a classy little champagne brunch at my folks place and I've been busy pinning my heart out to help get in the mood for the big day.

The props have been rolling in and it's slowly taking shape. 

If only Miss Tina lived in the Rads so I could call on her expertise! Have you seen her work!? Totes gorge. She'd rock this gig.

Stay tuned for pics in a couple of weeks . . . 


Anonymous said...

Oohh I'm so excited!

TINA KENT said...

You are too sweet Kate! I bet you will do a wonderful job! Make sure you take time out to take some pics of all of your hardwork. Good Luck! lovT