Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bean there

Felt alive again this morning when I headed in for an early meeting in the city at our advertising agency. There's something about the buzz of town at 8.30am that lifts my spirits and puts a smile on my face.

I even wore heels for the occasion.

(Can you tell I'm not feeling the love for my suburban office location today!?)

Anyway, I was early for the meeting so toddled off (and I mean toddled, these heels are high!) down to Leigh Street to see for myself what all the fuss is about at this new coffee joint everyone's raving about.

Get there. Now.

 The line up was almost out the door - the shop was filled with coolios, business types, artsy folk, tradies. Everyone who knows their coffee and appreciates a fine drop.

Great location - Leigh Street is really taking off with so many awesome restaurants on the pathed path - and the big windows and funky fitout make it an inviting space. 

I loved it. Felt like I'd been transported to Melbourne or New York or some place uber cool. Yay for the Rads kicking it up a gear.

The owner Josh wanted to create "the atmostphere of a bar without the alcohol". And he's managed that - even at 8.30am in the morning. I was impressed.

So I ordered a chai soy latte (can you believe my first foray into the soy hood?) and perched on a stool with the latest issue of SA Life (nice pic Ms Brown) waiting for my name to be called.

I nearly fell off my chair when they called my name only to have a cute looking bloke come forward and hand deliver my order. Talk about service! Such a friendly crew, service was outstanding (and not to mention easy on the eye!)

Do yourself a favour and give the chain coffee shop cup a miss in favour of a delicately hand crafted cup of perfection, made with love.

Pics from here (a great local mag too!)


Brooke said...

Kate, you are making me feel very deprived about not living in wonderful old Adelaide anymore! You'll have to enjoy it for the both of us!

Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

ohhhh yeahhh - I'd often catch a different bus to work which meant i had further to work just to 'hang out' there and grab a coffee on way to work. and um - nice pic of you too in SA Life Miss Kate!!! x

Kate said...

Don't think you could come across a prouder Adelaidean than me, Brooke! Good coffee is hard to find in the country, oh how I'd love to open up a little cafe in the sticks one day x

Anonymous said...

Miss Kate - we're there every morning. My workmate Candice and I have just put in a Valentine's Day notice in the classifieds for them next week - look out for it.

Anonymous said...

Yay that is my cousin's place it is awesome. Josh and Jess.