Friday, February 17, 2012

Whoop whoop!

Very excited about Gemma's baby shower tomorrow (or bambino cloudburst as Briar calls it - gold!).

Putting the finishing touches on the menu tonight while Mum and Dad clean up outside. Bless parents!

Making Betty Crocker whoopie pies (yes, I'm cheating) but they're so good and I'm time poor and have too many other things to worry about to bother making my own from scratch. Don't mess with Betty!

I'm trying to give everything a cowboy flavour (tragic, I know!), so think I'll be calling these 'cow pats'. Just wait til you see what I've got in store with the 'cowboy caviar'!

Stay tuned for pics next week xo

1 comment:

navy and orange said...

these look delish and even better in your photos!

xoxo navy & orange