Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rainbow bright

Remember this little cutie?

No, not the bloke. Don't give him a big head.

I'm talking about Zara!

Who can believe the little munchkin is now three years old? And to think her Mum and Dad's parties are getting bigger and better than ever!

First there was One Little Birdie . . .

Then there was Humpty Dumpty . . .

And now there is Rainbow!

Amy Atlas, look out!

Don't you love the Martha Stewart crepe paper clouds?! And the rainbow umbrellas Zara's Dad brought back from a work trip to China.

Good one Rodda.

Isn't it just divine!? Mindblowingly colourful and coordinated. The food was delish and so 'on brand'. It was so thoughtful and articulate and beautiful. Almost too good to eat.


The MasterChef challenge was my fave - the kids all got dressed up in their aprons and chef hats and made mini pizzas for supper.

Great way to keep them busy . . . and keep the adults fed later in the day!

(Don't get me started on the G&Ts!)

And then there was the cake.

Have you ever seen such a perfect cake?! 

This has taken the rainbow concept to a whole new level. That external layer was perfect!

Look at those defined layers!

Yep, the birthday girl was happy.

And so were her cousins.

Isn't that right, Boston?

And Emilia agrees.

So does little brother Max (and Pop) who got into the rainbow spirit.

Thanks for the face painting, Aunty Abby!

Well done Kelly and Mark, awesome effort especially since you've welcomed a newborn to the family in the last couple of months. I don't know how you do it!

Looking forward to Max's first birthday later this year . . . 


Gild and Grace said...

Gosh that has got to be every kid's dream party! Very impressed by that rainbow cake. Not that easy getting all the layers the same size!

Abbey x

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! They have out done themselves again!!! Gorgeous! Love it all xx

Pip Boydell said...

Oh my gosh... absolutely ADORABLE! And the cakes are pretty cute too! Pip xx