Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Colour Run

I'm not a natural born athlete. Have you seen me run?!

In order to get the blood pumping and the beads of sweat dripping, I need to make exercise fun. I need an incentive.

And I think I've found one.

It goes a little like this . . . 

Take a bunch of people in crisp white jogging gear

. . . and add some totally safe, natural dye

. . . and run 5km to end up like this!

May I introduce you to . . .

Brilliant, yes!?

Look at those colours!

Get me there now! Have you ever seen anyone look so happy while exercising? 

I think not!

It's an American concept (like all wondrous viral campaigns from which I find so much inspiration) but I'd love to bring it to Australia.

We have the City to Surf and the City to Bay (of which I've run 6 of the 12km, yay for me!) and other charity runs, but nothing with so much  . . . well . . . colour!

Check out the youtube clip below for further inspiration.

Now this is something I'd be happy to break a sweat for!

The Colour Run. I'm sold!


bncarrothers said...

I just happened to stumble across your blog while looking to see if The Color Run was done in Australia. My husband and I just moved to Perth from the US in January and I have always wanted to do a color run but never got the chance before we moved. Now I want to more than ever! Let's bring it here! I'd even make the trip to Adelaide just for this!! :)

Catherine said...

I want this to come to Australia!! I have friends from Texas who did the run in Austin. The way it works in US is they do it in a bunch of different cities, it would be so awesome to have one in every state!!
I have no idea how to make it happen though, but think how amazing it would be :)

jo said...

similarly I found your blog while googling if any colour runs are held in Australia. I want to do one too!!!

Jess said...

Since i started exercising again I've wanted something to work to, and the Colour Run always looks amazing. Would love for it to come to Aus!

Anonymous said...

It has come to Australia! Look for color run Australia on Facebook. It's on in Sydney.

The Color Run AUS said...

Hi Guys,

The Color Run is about to launch in Australia, and announce dates on when it will be in your city.

Like the facebook page

Or Follow on Twitter @TheColorRunAUS

Finally we have something to look forward to. So tell all your friends to get on board and like our page as well. The more likes the more chance you have of this coming to your home city.

Anonymous said...

OH! I want it to come to Perth too! I've just posted on the City of Perth facebook page to hopefully see if anything can be done!