Friday, February 17, 2012

Nailed it

Anyone else on board the 'Caggie' nail bandwagon?

Love love love Made in Chelsea. My friend Cat and I have been obsessing over Miss Dunlop's multicoloured nails for ages. Miss Salambao has also admitted to a crush on the gorgeous socialite.

So last night Emma and I spoilt ourselves with mini manicures.

I'm no artist with the paintbrush, let me assure you, but Emma's efforts on my jazz hands were outstanding.

I settled for a graduated pink story (second pic), while we went a bit crazy with different colours on Emma (bottom pic). She totally pulls off the look.

Glitter Guide masters the coloured nail like no other. Check out their instagram for regular updates of what's floating their boat.

1 comment:

Emma said...

Was such fun! I had to take mine off today after another batch of Easy Off Bam stripped back the colour. Note to self - coloured nails are for ladies who lunch only!