Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Indulged in a little pampering on Sunday with a fabulous pedicure to boost my spirits (thanks Sue!).

Nothing evokes happiness like neon pink nail polish. It was the BEST colour imaginable and I'm sad to cover them up for work.

Have you had parafin wax treatment on your feet before? They come out feeling like baby's skin. Gorgeous.

But back to the colour.

Would love to share a close up with you, but fear my Mother would disown me if I flaunted my 'claws' online. They're not pretty - I take after my Father (so maybe I can hit him up for weekly pedis to keep them under control!?).

But the pink I chose is so pretty. Trust me. Forget the French mani and go with something more daring next time you're playing with colour.

I might have to go for open toe shoes tomorrow . . .


Anonymous said...

Where can u get this paraffin wax treatment katel? Xxgem

Kate said...

Gem, I promise I'll take you for one final pamper before Baby Fahey arrives x

Letitia Linke - The White Shed said...

I love colour on the toes, gorgeous!

TINA KENT said...

ha! you are definitely getting funnier mate! lovT