Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Lill

Dear Lill

Next time I'm in Melbourne, can we please go here.

Coin Laundry in Armadale.

It looks really cool.

And I love the guys' aprons.

And check out the housemade baked beans.

And smoked trout on rosti. Hello beetroot!

Lovely clean lines and great communal benches.

Love that exposed brick wall.

Looks like just the sort of place I'd love to open in the Rads.

Happy for you to do some research beforehand, the Melbournite that you are. Or ask Tom, he's the breakfast guru, yeah?

See you soon xo

Pics from here and here


Gild and Grace said...

How funny Kate - I parked my car outside this place just the other day. It's in a different spot to where I normally park when I'm down that way and I hadn't seen it before. I thought to myself that it looked very cool and we'd have to come back and check it out! Clever you - onto the cool spots from another State!

Abbey x

Kelly Green said...

what fun - we can both go together! Its in a great spot! KG x

Anonymous said...

Kate! I've been here a couple of times - it's great! (and cute waiters too!). Come visit! Phoebexx