Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring into frills

Loving the new Spring range that Kayce Hughes has just launched.

I received two gorge dresses and one fab frill blouse a couple of weeks ago (hello Hop Shop Go!) and have already debuted the floral shirtdress at The Races last week.

If only our seasons (and clothes sizes!) aligned with the Northern Hemisphere . . . but the end of season sales make it all worthwhile!


Brooke said...

Thanks for the link to Hop Shop Go, Kate! Hadn't found this one before - it's great to know they've worked well for you.

Gild and Grace said...

Good work on the hopshopgo Kate! You're so right about the sales, the timing works perfectly :)

Abbey x

Kate said...

I'm still learning with Hop Shop Go, it was more expensive than I'd anticipated and I couldnt' actually work out the price until I'd placed my order. It's just good to have access to US items! Maybe I'll just have to save up for special pieces and spoil myself x