Saturday, February 4, 2012

Adelaide icon

I ummed and ahhed over whether I should post this story, but Andy and Kristie's appreciation of the subject at large got me over the line. 

Please look away now if you have a weak stomach.

Let me introduce you to the infamous 'AB'.

The AB is an Adelaide icon. 

To put it simply, it's a layer of hot chips, covered in yiros meat then smothered in yiros sauce (garlic yoghurty type), tomato sauce and chilli sauce.

Despicable, I know.

But it's your best friend at 3am in the morning after a big day at the cricket or in North Adelaide! 

Kristie has even admitted to getting one sober. She was in hospital with appendicitis last year and upon her release back into the real world, having not eaten for three days, her then fiance asked her what she felt like eating . . . and her first response was an AB.


So I was mortified to find myself sitting at an outside table on O'Connell Street, out the front of the 'Red and White' (as opposed to the 'Blue and White' cafe two shops down), digging into a plate of AB for two at 7pm on Friday night - it was still light! It's safe to say I was sober enough to know better, but Kristie and Andy are persuasive types and how could I call myself a proud South Aussie food enthusiast if I left our NSW visitors to tackle the plate on their own?

I won't get into the politics of explaining what AB stands for - it's controversial to say the least, but it's as much a part of drunken Adelaide culture as pie floaters, Vili's meat pies and Farmers Union Iced Coffees.

For a wonderfully descriptive explanation of the steps involved in devouring an AB, please read this piece. It hits the nail on the head!

I think I've had my quota for 2012 . . . until next year's cricket season!

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