Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making a Splash

Adelaide has taken a dose of happy pills and is turning on the charm like never before.

With Mad March before us, this gorgeous city has been having a dress rehearsal to get into the spirit.

Enter Splash Adelaide, an initiative of the Adelaide City Council aiming "to bring the streets and spaces alive in a series of urban experiments".

During the full Splash Adelaide period, the city's come to life with:

• More alfresco dining and street lounges

• Streets re-imagined, laneway closures and more

• Urban experiments in underused places

• Street food carts popping up around the city

• Deckchairs, movies, markets and more

Whether it's table tennis on the footpath, or making smoothies on the back of a bike, there's something edgy and intriguing in all corners of the city.

Check out the Splash Adelaide Facebook page for more photos and details of upcoming projects.

All pics from Splash Adelaide Facebook page

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