Thursday, March 15, 2012


Adelaide, you've done yourself proud.

The city is alive and kicking and you've shown us a fabulous start to the highly anticipated Mad March of 2012.
There's been the Clipsal 500 (hmm, not my cup of tea but each to their own), WOMAD, Adelaide Festival and Adelaide Fringe.
But my stand out - so far - has got to be Barrio . . . the late night club of the Adelaide Festival.

Barrio (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈbarjo]) is a Spanish word meaning district or neighborhood.

How cool is the entrance! It's made up of round pipe/canisters things where you're supposed to make an offering to the shrine each night. There's a different theme for you to adhere to from day to day - I think old toys was the theme on this night, and then they were all donated to a children's charity. Cute!

The dancefloor was like something straight out of a European summer!

Awesome styling - Emma is going to lose it when she sees how fabulous all the props are.

The whole bar/dancefloor/foodcourt is on top of a carpark, nestled in between Parliament House and the Adelaide Festival Centre. 

The Coopers bar is something else - that big backdrop is made out of beer cans. Very cool

Happy campers Kristie and Andy. Kristie couldn't believe how much the whole place - smell, sounds, sights - reminded her of Carnival in Rio. Now that's saying something!

Everything was so kitsch but oh so cool. This was where we ordered our tacos from.

About six little bars were hidden in amongst a maze of secret passages. Funky cocktails and shots were in high demand.

Street market food was all the rage with international flavours the order of the night.

And so many bars to choose from!

I loved this concept - everyone had to write a letter to their 16 year old self. Made for a great 'lasting memory' as you walked {stumbled} out at the end of the night {early in the morning}

Hats off to you Adelaide.


Anonymous said...

I cannot WAIT to see it - I'll try and get there tonight. You are one cool cat Miss E!

Kate said...

I went last night as well! I can't get enough of the place. It's magical. And so exciting to go out on a school night! Make sure you take a shrine offering for VIP access - last night was something blue (I'll have to tell you offline what I took!) xo