Monday, March 19, 2012

Award love for . . .

I am a bit of a goose at times. Let me tell you a story . . .

Emma and I visited the lovely Anna Spiro in Brisbane last year and she introduced us to a gorgeous girl called Pip at lunch one day. 

Fast forward a good six months or so and I'm cruising around blog world and stumble across a BEAUTIFUL blog by this amazingly talented girl called Pip who has recently quit her job to follow her dreams as an artist.

So I've been blog crushing and pinterest stalking and even following her on instagram (@pip_boydell) ever since.

But it wasn't until only recently I realised that Pip from lunch in Brisbane and Pip from the blog was the same girl! Wake up Kate!

So this is Pip!

pipshining is the most darling blog, with a stunning collection of images to indulge in. The best bit is that Pip chronicles not only pretty things that delight her day to day, but also sneak peeks into what goes on in her studio behind closed doors.

I was thrilled when I realised she had less than 200 blog followers so that she'd be eligible for the Liebster Award (that I'd been awarded by navy & orange). I want to share her with the world!

Here's a little snippet into her life, The Polkadot Pantry style . . .

Best travel experience
While travelling through Central America I spent a week or so in a place called the San Blas Islands. They are a set of over 400 tiny sand islands dotted throughout the Carribbean off the coast of Panama, and it is honestly paradise. It's crystal clear turquoise water, the whitest sand, and coconut palms dotting the horizon as far as the eye can see; you live with the local people the way they have been for hundreds of years in thatched huts with no water or electricity or modern day comforts; and spend your days fishing, tripping between these amazing little islands and crafting with the local children. I felt like Robinson Crusoe travelling back in time, and it really was the most idyllic place and experience ever. 

Your idea of relaxing . . . 
Being at the beach - papers, coffee, salt air, surf and sun. 

Favourite song to sing along to
Simon & Garfunkel CDs from start to finish!

Your style icon
Grace Kelly was so beautiful and had a such innate sense of style.

Best thing about blogging
As a very visual and aesthetic person, of course I love the all the eye candy and the excuse to spend hours trawling through lovely images and discovering clever and creative people. But I also love how blogging makes the world a smaller place and I really value the connections I've made with like-minded people from all corners of the globe. 

The world sure is a small place, Pip! Can't wait til you get an online shop up and running so that I can invest in some Pip Boydell pretties! Seriously, check out her pieces, they are divine. Lucky you if you live in Brisbane and can actually see them in real life.



Anonymous said...

Wake up Kate!

Gild and Grace said...

I love Pip's blog too, not to mention her fabulous artwork :)

Abbey x

Brooke said...

Lovely to meet Pip, can't wait to check out her blog!

Pip Boydell said...

Thanks again Kate for this lovely post and the nomination. Thrilled to be part of it and look forward to catching up properly again one day 'post-blog-connection'! Pip xx