Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Craze or crazy?

Got my regular Mecca Cosmetica email today (their branding/comms team is brill, I love their work) but I'm not sure I'm sold on their most recent 'craze'

Yay or nay?


Salambao said...

NAY! The Duchess would never be caught with these nails.....horrid. Hope the craze passes swiftly. x

Brooke said...

Ummm... Ewww.

Kate said...

I'm hearing you, Sal and Brooke! Mecca is normally so safe and styley. Think I'll be giving this a miss, but I do have to say their false eyelashes are very cool - I indulged for Cox Plate and after getting over the initial 'aagghh, I feel like a drag queen!' I was happy with the effect!