Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's a cheesey kind of world

I've got cheese on the brain.

Soft, hard, blue, gooey, melted . . . however it comes.

Camille Styles featured some brilliant cheese boards the other day, and I love how lots of brides are using cheesecakes for their ceremonial cutting. Yum!

I saw Jamie Oliver sprinkle some cheese with honey and instant coffee the other day and it got me thinking. How do you like your cheese?

I'm in love with a particular French cheese that I can get from the gourmet deli (hello Lucia's!) at my local shopping centre. It's a d'affinois and it's TDF.

Love the suggestion of honeycomb and blueberries in the last pic above. And pears seem to be a staple.

Any other mindblowing discoveries that you've experimented with?


skiourophile said...

Greek spoon sweets and cheese. The bergamot ("pergamonto" on the label) ones from Chios, available at Gaganis (Bacon St, Hindmarsh), are *unbelievable*.

Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

oooh i love me some cheese!fab collection of pics. the whole honey, fig, soft cheese combos look delicious. Mummy Clements always has the best selection of cheeses at their soirees xx

Salambao said...

Yummos! I literally just put on
5kgs reading this post! This would look fabulous on your wine barrel cheese lid...xxx

Kate said...

Got to get me to Gaganis for these Greek spoon sweets! And while I'm there, a few tubs of dips. Heavenly!

Kate said...

Yes, my wine barrel cheese board is perfect for such an occasion Sal!