Wednesday, October 17, 2012

No guilt here

So if you're like me, you get home from work and want something quick and easy that excites the tastebuds.

Something that's filling and satisfying but not heavy on the calories.

Well, I think we may have found a winner, lovely readers!

(Actually, credits to my Mum who whipped this up after our Zumba class last night!)

Enter the Weight Watchers No Guilt Pizza.

I've experimented with a few of their suggested toppings before, but this one was a bit left of centre and really fresh and light.

And soooooo easy. Were there enough 'Os' in that sooooo?

Here we go . . .

Take one wholemeal pita
Spread with a tablespoon of pesto (we just used the stock standard basil)
Scatter a shake or two of chilli flakes over the pesto
Thinly slice zucchini and layer over the pizza base
Top with halved grape tomatoes (not too many otherwise it goes soggy)
Dollop low fat ricotta cheese on top
Bake in a pizza oven (or normal oven) until crispy
Serve with a scattering of torn flat leaf parsley and fresh mint on top

(We added chicken and grated cheese to Big John's - being a retired meat wholesaler, he's not really down pat with the whole vegetarian thing)

TDF readers. It's amazing.

Enjoy x

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