Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Please come to the land down under

I may be slow off the mark, but I am very excited to find out that Laduree has opened in Sydney!

Flavs sent me the pic above on a recent trip to the Harbour City. Oh how I was jealous. Apparently the line up went out the door and around the corner so Flavso missed out on a visit herself. I'll come with you next time, my dear!

The only other thing that would make me this happy in the food world would be a Dean & DeLuca opening, or a Hummingbird or Magnolia Bakery opening up an Australian branch (specifically, in Adelaide!)

I don't ask for much, non?


Gild and Grace said...

I didn't know about this either Kate! Very exciting development :)

Abbey x

Kate said...

Off to Melbourne this week, Abbey. Can't wait to visit my usual Melbourne haunts - you have some fabulous places there, even if you don't have Laduree!