Sunday, March 6, 2011

Green with envy

Standing at the checkout at my local Woolies today, I looked down the rows of aisles and had to smile. Every single person was using green bags. And they weren't buying them under duress last minute at the checkout - they were offering bundles they'd brought from home in good spirit.
You see, we have outlawed plastic bags at supermarkets in South Australia. And it's fabulous. A wonderful step towards reducing landfill. You even feel guilty putting your three apples in a plastic bag in the fruit and veg department.
So there I was, armed with my supply of green bags and I felt proud. I was a soldier in the 'save the world' army!
But, I do have to admit, I didn't feel at all stylish with my trolley full of jam packed green bags. I strive to be one of those Parisian fashionistas who pops down to the shops to pick up a baguette and some camembert and walk home with a gorgeous tote on her shoulder with the end of the luscious stick of crusty fresh dough poking out the corner. Oh la la.
So I've decided I'm going to up the ante in the supermarket shopping department and challenge others to join me.
Where do we start . . .
I thought this was a cute little number - tongue in cheek, lightweight . . . and pink! Perfect. Plus a bargain price. Reminds me of 'The Only Way is Essex'. Shu-up!
Need I say any more? Perfection. Can't you just see me tottering around in my ballet flats and baguette?

Black patent perfection. Dean and Deluca is my spiritual home (thanks to the TV show Felicity) - love that you can fill the bag with goodies from the store where you bought the bag. Bread, meats, cheese, olives, pasta - and a takewaway cappuccino! I have a little canvas version from D&D that makes for a perfect lunch bag. This one's easy to keep clean too. Practical and stylish.

Bloomingdales! Yay! Nice long straps so you can wear it over your shoulder - a very important consideration when laden with heavy groceries. My own 'little brown bag' just doesn't make the cut. Another good lunch bag - or shoe carrier for lunch time swap overs from heel to flat.
Love that Cath Kidston designed a range for Tescos to raise money for charity. I have a gorge Cath Kidston I bought on my last day in London, and while it's a huge bag and perfect for groceries, the straps are too short and it's impossible to wear over your shoulder. Annoying!

This one has been a lovely addition to my stash. The shoulder straps are a bit short as well, but I've found it perfect for library visits or a simple fruit and veg shop - not a full grocery shop.
So, who's with me?

Um, this is where I admit that I did an audit of my green bag supply yesterday and counted in excess of 20 bags in my pantry and car boot. That's out of control! I promise I will practise what I preach and commit to remembering my styley 'green' bags every time I go to the supermarket - and not be one of those lazy sods who has to buy one at the checkout!

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