Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sling shot

I tripped on a wine glass on the living room floor this week and landed awkwardly on my wrist onto the couch. Sounds innocent enough?
But no, it hurt like buggery!
Had xrays and turns out there's no break, just some muscle damage so can't do anything but rest it.
Almost hoped for a break so that I could wear it in an Hermes scarf sling like the oh-so-stylish Grace Kelly. How Prepfection of her!

I don't actually own an Hermes scarf, but I didn't actually break my arm, so we won't worry about the details! We're dealing in hypotheticals where anything's possible . . . including a wardobe lined in Birkin bags, silk scarves and Kate Spade ballet flats.

A fluoro pink cast would've also been a nice touch . . . do you think they come in ikat these days?

1 comment:

Emma said...

You're hilarious, my dear! Although I rather agree that breaking ones arm would almost be worth it for the Hermes sling!