Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home away from home

I've been dying to show you my dear friend Jourdanne's little place for a while now. We've been friends for more than 15 years and while I was busy trying to keep up with trends and spend my money at the pub in my formative years, JB was saving her pennies and investing in key pieces to set herself up later in life.

This is the girl who got presents for her glory box when we were at school while I focused on building my Human Nature CD collection.

Look who's laughing now . . .

Yep, that would be Jourdanne. And just check out her place. Bewdiful.

I popped over to her house for dinner last week and while she was busy in the kitchen making the yummy silverbeet pie I featured last week, I snuck around her house taking pictures.

She was mortified that I didn't let her tidy up the place and give her more notice, but assuring her I was no professional blogger and had a readership of two (my Mum and Jourdanne herself!) so noone would see the laptop on the sideboard or the unmade bed, I sent her back to the kitchen so I could keep stickybeaking.

She has the most wonderful natural touch. One of these gals who can put together a display with effortless ease. She lives near the beach and there's a definite glass and water feel to her place.

Such a pretty way to dress up the DVD player - and a good reminder for her boyfriend to remember her birthday!
Gorge little bathroom with pretty little touches.

The main bedroom (and the unmade bed she'll kill me for including!).

Gorgeous sidetables and interesting artwork. JB loves her candles.

Love her circular mirror, and those billiard balls!

Scrabble pieces are another favourite item she collects for display in vases.

Her second bedroom is dedicated to her 'collections'. You name it, she's got it . . . buttons, fabric, jewellery, hats, scarves, plates, old games, cushions. Jourdanne is like a creature in their natural habitat when she see her at op shops - she can hunt a bargain out a mile away, see great potential in a dust covered treasure that I wouldn't look twice at. It's a rare skill!

Yep, I told you . . . even plates!

A gorgeous collection of costume jewels - something to jazz up even the plainest of outfits.

And fabric. Piles and piles of fabric. Jourdanne's recently learnt to sew and is dabbling in kids' clothes. Such a talent, is my dear friend!

And then there's the kitchen. She's got an extensive collection of old electric jugs. . .

. . . and some plastic fruit that I'm yet to be convinced is actually 'cool'!

I'm sorry my photos don't do the place justice, but it's just a little taste of Jourdanne's magic touch. Time for her to wave her little wand at my place!

Thanks for letting us in, JB xo


Kimberlee said...

gorgeous - what a lovely insight, fabulous collections!!! 'look who's laughing now?" - that would be me. at you. human nature cd collection!?!? i'm not sure we can be friends now.... he he x

Kate said...

No judgement, please! I was 12 and they were very cool! I won a Dolly magazine competition to meet them in 1996, okay! Will bring out their 'Best of' CD for your birthday celebrations on Sunday x