Sunday, March 27, 2011

Me likey

That Kelly Green gal knows her stuff. She recently opened my eyes to the fabulous world of Sara Tuttle and showed how you could be 'interior design savvy on a shoestring'.
Now you're talking my language!

This room is perfect - right up my alley. Could I make it work?
I have two white couches and a collection of mismatched prints. I have a similar rug and a coffee table about the same height. Could do with a few more cushions, but have kind of the raw essentials to make this work.
Without blowing the budget . . . fingers crossed.

So having fallen head over heels for this beautiful work, I checked out some more of Sara's stuff.
She's onto something! Loving the bedroom above. I think it's the mirror and the unexpectedly high bedside table. Also love a crisp white bedspread.

Can't stop thinking about bookshelves at the moment. These make for such a perfect wall behind those uber comfy couches.

Divine! I need not elaborate!

And here she is in the flesh. Sara Tuttle herself. Love that dress, this gal's got style. Me likey. Good haircut too!
So, I've got the basics - wish I could just wave a magic wand and it'll all come together like in these pics! Nah, what's the fun in that?!


Kimberlee said...

oh i loved those pics that kelly green blog featured, so glad you went searching for me. sooooo 'up my alley way' too darling girl. hope you had a good weekend x

Kate said...

You and me - same page, Kimbo! Although your palette is much more refined, I'm a bit rough round the edges!

annie said...

I love the mismatched prints, the art wall cluster, the beautifully perfect in every way. I love those lamps with the green shades too! I need to add some color in my house.