Thursday, March 10, 2011

A pantry by any other name . . .

Meet Pantry Patsy. She's the brave heroine of the fabulous, quirky local cafe that's just opened up around the corner from my parents' place.

It's opened up in the old Hawthorn Butcher Shop on the railway line next to a hairdresser and a doctor's surgery. So old school and suburban, I love it!
It's an art gallery cross cafe cross local meeting place. A real mish mash of diners and artistic influences with artwork displays continuously changing.
I've been a few times and it's improved each time. This time 'round, I ordered the muesli with stewed fruit and natural yoghurt. It was served in gorgeous little tea cups - none of which matched - and was really tasty.
The Turkish Apple Tea was also delish.

The place has a great feel to it and because it's so small and cosy, you almost feel like you're in someone's family room.
Lovely to catch up with an old friend Peach on the weekend. Her daughter Charlotte relished the chance to crawl around and 'improve her immune system' as her mother so bravely put it!
Smiles for Bel xo

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annie said...

Looks like a wonderful spot and love the last comment about Charlotte improving her immune system...must not be her first child? Love it!