Thursday, March 24, 2011

Simple pleasures

Isn't it funny the things you treat yourselves to these days?

I used to celebrate 'pay day' with a new pair of shoes, or fabulous handbag . . . these days, I'm much more practical and well, yes, boring!

Last weekend, I treated myself to a car wash. Yes, a car wash. I've been on a few country drives lately and been bombarded with locusts which have been a nightmare to get off. Likewise, crickets have taken over the city centre and 'burbs and I just didn't fancy spending my weekend scrubbing their guts off my car bonnet!

So I headed to the car wash and took some old mags to search for recipes and bookshelf inspiration and settled in with a cappuccino while the boys got down to business.

It was a gorgeous day and I was in such good spirits driving out in my shiny car . . . .

. . . . then it rained on Sunday. Typical.

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