Friday, October 7, 2011

Beautifully spooky

I went on my first run for the season on Tuesday (I think it had something to do with trying on bathers on the weekend!) and I lost my puff at the old Goodwood Orphanage (um, only about two blocks from home!)

This is the Orphanage way back when.

How times have changed!

The beautiful old building is now the home of Tabor College and the grounds are used by lots of outdoor exercise groups, locals with dogs and mums with bubs. It's a lovely community space.

But there's something about the building the spooks me. It's like I expect to find an old baby's rattle or rag doll buried or something.

Weird, I know!

The building's in great condition, but I still can't imagine taking classes in there.

The courtyard out the back is a wonderful big paved area. I've often driven past the front and thought how gorgeous it would be for a wedding - walking in through the grand front doors into a lobby for pre reception drinks and then the reception out under the stars in the courtyard, with long long tables and lantern filled trees.

And wouldn't the cloisters make for great wedding photos?

If only it wasn't so spooky . . .

Second pic from here

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Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

SNAP! i've always said it would be awesome for a wedding!!!! x