Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ikat, I can

I am slowly slowly making progress at home. My bedroom is a focus at the moment with my bedside lamps my latest project.

I bought some fabulous ikat fabric on ebay (all the way from Uzbekistan! Let's just say I wasn't confident it would ever arrive, but it sure did and it is gorgeous!) and then I recovered the lampshades of the Bellas I bought from Bunnings a few months ago (thanks Kelly Green for the heads up!)

I have a fair bit to learn about clean edges, but it'll do for now! Love how it glows in both day and night - gorgeous yellow.

PS. How do you like my hot pink bedhead? I'll post about it later - need to get the whole bedscape looking respectable before I put it up! But it's certainly prepped up my room like noone's business. Love!


Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

oh my goodness, you are so clever! these look awesome, and they are gorgeous bases. nice work darling girl x

Anonymous said...

Love! I have been thinking about recovering the shade on the vintage lamp I inherited from nana, now I'm inspired. Good one Kate! See you Friday love flavsxxx

Gild and Grace said...

How clever you are Kate! Looks fab :)
Abbey x

Kate said...

Ladies, you are too kind! I'm really no pro, just a designer wannabe! The fabric was so fabulous I couldn't go wrong!

Kimberlee - hurry home so we can do more decorating!

Flavso - Happy to pop around with my spray glue and bottle of wine whenever you like!

Abbey - you're having a laugh! Wonderful feature in Ivy and Piper, my dear x