Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ring a ding ding!

I'm off to my cousin's wedding in Alice Springs this weekend, looking forward to catching up with family I haven't seen for a while and carving up the d-floor with my Dad.

Also can't wait for some hot weather!

I just love love love this image above - there's something joyous about a wedding filled with colour and quirky touches!

Happy weekend to you all x

Pic from Pinterest


Gild and Grace said...

Have a great time Kate! That is one cute kid :)

Abbey x

Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

oh my fav! COLOUR and a wedding in the same pic. seriously, why don't more aussies embrace colour in a wedding. If our dream men would just show themselves we would be able to show them how awesome the two are together!! x

Kate said...

It's simply a matter of 'insert groom here' - we have all our plans locked in, kimberlee! How hard can it be?!