Monday, October 24, 2011

Table top love

I played Master's Apprentice the other night when Emma shared her pearls of wisdom with me and we decided we need to shuffle my living room around.

Lots more pics to come, but I thought I'd share with you the magic she worked on my coffee table.

Now, this coffee table is actually a bookcase, turned on its front with castors screwed on to the bottom. It's been painted about seven different colours before, with Tiffany blue the most recent.

Loving the glossy navy in its current state.

I do love my coffee table books so we made these a feature. Domino taking pride of place on top, of course!

And beautiful roses from my garden - we had to sneak out in the dark to cut them so that my neighbours wouldn't see (oh the joys of living in a block of units!). They looked gorge in my vintage vase from Absolutely Beautiful Things (thanks Anna!)

And this was a great find on the fence - a beautiful big scented rose. Looking very cute in my Kate Spade cup and saucer (sitting on top of the one and only Kylie!)

This is how I left the rose that night . . . .

And how I found it in the morning, wide open. Love using the tea cup as a vase (great taste, Bree!).

We also snuck in this Tapas cookbook to the stack as I just adore that navy and white pattern. A very cool front cover.

Instant facelift.

I just love my little collection!

Thanks Emma! You can White & Wander over here any time you like!

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Gild and Grace said...

How gorgeous Kate! Had to laugh when I read you had to place the Domino book on the top. I have tons of books but the Domino always takes pride of place too. It's just so pretty!

Abbey x