Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's raining baby

I've been meaning to blog about Bree's Baby Shower for ages but didn't have any good photos myself, so finally got some pearlers from her sisters.

Check out the effort that went into this shindig.

The theme was 'Cute as a Button' and as we already know Bree's having a girl, the pink touches were inevitable!

Now for the food . . . out of this world. I had to undo the top button of my pants when I went home later that night! I ate enough to last me a week!

The dessert buffet was the obvious highlight with the layered cake my hands-down favourite (Abby, do you take orders!?!?)

A fabulous idea was the little pots of chocolate with the spoon set inside - they were to stir into your coffee to make mocha. Clever, hey!?

Bree's oldest sister Kelly (on the left) has an almost three year old (remember Zara?) and is pregnant with her second, and Abby (in the middle) has two gorgeous little ones of her own (hello cuties!). Plus, she lives in the country (and so does their Mum), so how they all pulled this together for the guest of honour (who lives in Melbourne, mind you!) I'll never know!

It all helps that they had a beautiful space to work with, thanks to the in-laws.

The countdown is on, Miss Bree!

In the meantime, we have had a number of other 'buns in the oven' announcements of late, so it looks like we'll be raining baby for a while yet! Bring on the showers!



Leah said...

OMGosh! Simply amazing! I always see this kind of stuff and think "do people actually do stuff like this in REAL life?!" - Appears they do! Gorgeous!

Kate said...

I know! The Walker Clan is Adelaide's very own answer to Amy Atlas! They are a talented bunch, those girls. Must be the country upbringing!

Melissah from Scrapbook said...

Gorgeous party inspiration! I am just loving that pop of pink!. What a great store! I just discovered your gorgeous blog through one of my favourite blogs 'Gild & Grace'. I look forward to popping by for some more inspiration!