Wednesday, October 5, 2011

In full bloom

I had a lovely afternoon over at Granny and Grandpa's on Sunday - it was such gorgeous weather we pottered around the backyard, them taking turns pointing out their treasures in the garden.

I swear, I could almost survive a whole week just feasting on their home grown goodies!

Grandpa brought me up to speed on his vegetable patch and herb garden - looks like I'll be saving myself some serious coin this Summer instead of constantly forking out for coriander, mint, parsley and rosemary.

And the lemons, don't get me started on the lemons!

Granny then took great pleasure in walking me through her beautiful flowers. She has such gorgeous colour and is known in the neighbourhood for her garden, so beautiful in fact that she helps with the Church flowers every so often.

And this is what I came home with . . .

Wasn't I spoilt!?

The mint and limes were put to good use that night with Jourdanne and I enjoying late afternoon caprioskas on her front lawn - sans vodka (JB started a new job the next day and I didn't want her starting with a hangover!!!!)

Here's one of my floral arranging attempts. Yep, um, I have a lot to learn!

And here was the big centrepiece. Hmm, it's a bit messy in the pic but quite cool in real life. (Please, indulge me!)

Those pink ones grow like weeds in Granny's garden and I had to work so hard to convince her not to pull them all out of her garden - they're such gorgeous colour and sell for a mint in florist shops!

Fresh flowers truly make a house a home. Such a lovely mood lifter . . . as is time with your grandparents. Cherish it while you can x

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