Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grown up little boys

So while I look ahead and dream big of my 30th in New York, it's time to stop and celebrate the big 3-0 for Pete tonight!

Michelle and Pete are putting on a par-tay at their place and I've just woken up to some glorious weather.

Michelle is the hostess with the mostess and you're always guaranteed of a fabulous spread when you're in her company. She's got the catering all sorted for tonight but I can't not pitch in on a night like this so offered to do some late night snacks to help soak up the booze.

I LOVE when a plate of goodies comes out towards the end of the night - never has something tasted so good! It's like getting a yiros on the way home, but this time, it's brought to you!

So I turned my memory back to their engagement party and remembered the Red Hots that were a late night winner.

A kind of grown up 'little boy'. Perfect for a bloke's 30th birthday!

Basil and feta red-hots
Makes 12

12 mini ready-to-bake bread rolls
12 mini frankfurts
1/4 cup (70g) pizza sauce
1/2 cup small basil leaves
1/4 cup drained marinated feta

  1. Place the bread rolls on baking trays and bake according to packet instructions or until light golden.
  2. Leave the bread rolls to cool slightly.
  3. Cook the frankfurts in a large saucepan of simmering water for about 5 minutes or until heated through, then remove from the pan and drain.
  4. Cut slits into the top of each bread roll and brush the insides with pizza sauce. Place a frankfurt in each roll, top with basil leaves and crumble over feta.

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Gild and Grace said...

They look delish Kate! Enjoy your night :) I went to New York for my 30th too! It was amazing :)

Abbey x