Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bag lady

Greetings dear friends!
How was your Christmas and all that jazz?!

We had a lovely little celebration at my parents' place - not without its fair share of dramas - but the turkey was moist, Michael Buble was cranked loud and Dad stayed awake the whole day, so a success in my books!

Hit the shops for my first little shopping adventure today and while I'd love to stroll the streets looking oh-so-stylish like the glamazon above, I have to confess I arrived home with only two pairs of shoes and one pair of bra - a boring nude coloured t-shirt style at that. 

How dull!

Hope you've all had some more luck and have found the perfect party dress for New Year's Eve . . . I'm still on the prowl (all that Christmas pudding has not made the search any easier - zips are somewhat harder to do up this side of the festive season!)

Happy holidays x

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