Thursday, December 22, 2011

By a neck

I wouldn't mind one of these Lauren Elan necklaces for Christmas . . . or at any time of the year really!

Reminds me of the fabulous Elva Fields. Love.


Gild and Grace said...

I wouldn't mind one either Kate! Very glam :)

Abbey x

TINA KENT said...

Awesome find buddy!! Now don't buy them all at once! Have u seen It's a Kate spade Mecca . . . And then I saw gild & graces's Hop Shop Go American based address co. & I can telL ul I'll be a whole lot more poor in 2013! I wish brightbeads & enamel bracelets grew on trees! Happy holidays Kate! LovT

Kate said...

I really need to fine tune my eBay shopping skills T, that's the key to some awesome {cheap} finds! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Henry lapped it up x