Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rouge la la

I don't believe it.

Boys don't like red lipstick!

I LOVE red lipstick. Well, I'm more of a pink gal myself, but there's something truly beautiful about a red pout.

I am known to bring out my MAC red on special occasions. Especially when a black and white outfit is on the cards. Derby Day anyone?

(Okay, so it's a bit faded here but it looked HOT on the day! Or did it?!)

Pink just wouldn't cut it on such an occasion.

And who can argue with Miranda Kerr - she totally rocks the rouge movement.

The reason for my sudden defense of red lipstick is a funny article I came across today by Kate Bowden.

I love her style of writing (I actually went to uni with her but had lost track of her in the seven or so years since, so it was nice to stumble across one of her stories!).

"Crickets". Gold!

. . . . Anyway, where was I? That's right, from Kate's story I was compelled to do my own little survey to find out if the red pout is, in fact, for 'slappers'.

Surely not!

What do you think, dear blog friends? Can the average girl next door carry off a polished red smile or can you only get away with it if you're super celebrity and super hot?!

To quote Kate:

"But, the point I am trying to make here, with about as much success as a blunt HB, is that there are many occasions on which the bird and the bee will disagree about what is looking good and what is, maybe, a little bit mingin’.

But the red lips? Nooooooo, surely the red lip is not being left out in the cold like Chris Brown post-car beating. Say it isn’t so."

Love it!

I've quite often discussed with friends how us girls can sometimes dress for girls, rather than guys - we care more about what other lassies think of our outfit than blokes on the street.

Does the same go for red lipstick. Is this why I'm still single!?

What do you think!?

Ditch the red and stick with my pink? Or bid farewell to all colour and embrace pawpaw ointment and clear balms like the fabulous Kate Middleton?! I mean, she did snag a Prince, after all . . .


Sally@Salambao said...

What a lot of rubbish! Red lipstick is fabulous and has been worn by amazing women (famous and not famous) for generations.

Lill said...

True! Mine hates me wearing it. ):