Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sunday roast

I've been very quiet on the entertaining front lately. I don't know why, but my couch has been empty and my kitchen lacking in laughter.

Gemma and Ben were the perfect excuse to get me back on the horse and even though I (and poor Benny) was suffering from a hangover, I managed to whip up a Sunday roast for us all.

Made a spur of the moment decision at the butcher to go for a Spanish roast. It was good, not great, don't think I'll bother with it again. But it could be user error - I may love to cook, actually live to cook, but roasts and baking continue to stump me.

I teamed it with a roasted balsamic pear, fennel and red onion salad with baby spinach, and duck fat potatoes - another nemesis of mine. Lovely and fluffy inside, but they just don't get crispy!

Anyway, we had a lovely night sitting outside and feeding our hangovers with Pepsi Max. Gemma totally outdid herself with dessert when she produced a peanut butter ice cream cake with butterscotch sauce and popcorn brittle.

Sooooo good.

I think I've got the bug back. Will be looking for more houseguests next week. Apply within.


Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

me, me, me! although after my efforts last time i understand if the invite isn't extended (being hungover beyond belief!) - and once i have table and chairs (!!) at my place, can't wait to have you over!! xx

TINA KENT said...

Same! invite me! I can't drink i can pretend! but would still love some pepsi max & I can bring anything made by someone else, & might even re-wrap so u think I've whipped it up myself! I was sold at Spanish roast . . . And then the popcorn brittle . . . Man oh man! (who says that these days!?)

Kate said...

Not long now Kimberlee! Can't wait for dinner par-tays at the SFC X

Kate said...

And Tina, we make the perfect pair - you can decorate my house and set the table and I'll just make sure everyone is well fed! We're like the friends who like opposing starbursts, makes it so easy to share a packet! Ha! The gorgeous Gill emailed me her killer roast potato recipe today so will have to test that out soon x