Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas pretty

I'm back . . . but I'm busy.

(Isn't everyone?!)

Here's a Christmas pretty to enjoy thanks to Melissah at Scrapbook. She has collated some of the most beautiful Christmas snaps possible. Gorgeous and festive and oh so stylish.

And on the topic of Christmas, nothing grates me more than people who insist of calling it Xmas.

It's Christmas, people!

(Is it that obvious that I just got back from a horrid trip to the shops in my lunchbreak, and I'm a little bit stressed? Holiday shoppers do my head in - and don't get me started on the car parking! Just breathe . . . )


Brooke said...

The shops are just terrible at present. I tried to buy an eye shadow last weekend. One shop assistant actually told me they were too busy to serve me, and another told me to make an appointment. For an eyeshadow?!. Christmas madness!

Kate said...

It's ridic, Brooke! I used to work in retail so know what it's like and as a result am the PERFECT customer, yet even my good manners and patience are not rewarded with good service! Thank goodness for online shopping!

Emma said...

Yes! Someone beeped at me when I was going to Zara today and I can't work out why? Come on people, it's Zara, the happiest place on earth, let's not quarrel!
Happy weekend darling x