Thursday, December 8, 2011

Best ever

Best ever bread and butter pudding.

Jaffa croissant and chocolate pudding. Heavenly.

We mastered it again on the weekend. Hope you enjoyed the leftovers, JB!


TINA KENT said...

Kate all this gourmetness is making my lean cuisine frozen meals look pitful. Does it offend you that I heat & eat!? If you can just freeze & send your leftovers that would be great! done.
p.s Do you think you should write a cookbook one day . . .like start tomorrow!? What about a mood cookbook . . like . . when you feel like this . . .cook this . . .. just saying. lovT

Gild and Grace said...

Oh I love any type of chocolate croissant type pudding! Looks delicious Kate :)

Abbey x

Brooke said...

I just love your dining chairs - I must get around to buying something similar myself!

Kate said...

Love the idea of a mood cookbook, Tina! That would be gold! Spent a lovely weekend in the country with one of my dearest friends and we just indulged in comfort food. This bread and butter pudding is perfect for a mood where you feel like something indulgent but it's surprisingly not too heavy!

Abbey - you'll love this version, the orange zest in it is such a good addition!

Brooke - Jourdanne has the best taste in the world. While we were all getting jewellery or overseas trips for our 21sts, Jourdanne was collecting Cornishware and antiques! These chairs are another example of her exquisite taste. Wait til I post pics of the farmhouse! DIVINE!