Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An icy reception

Popped over to visit Miss Brown at the SFC the other night and celebrated the new house with a few ciders and some delicious Thai.

Miss Clements got us excited with her decorating talk and we spent hours surfing the net for side tables, bar carts, lamps, you name it.

But back to my area of expertise (because I'd hate to confuse a Hamptons style with Hollywood glamour!) . . . let's talk about the food and drinks.

I made my easy 'taco' dip but I'll save the recipe for you when I have a better pic. Kind of looks like your fridge has exploded unless you get the right angle.

On to the drinks. We cracked open a few Pipsqueaks by the fab team at Little Creatures and Kimberlee served them up in the most gorgeous coloured glasses. As Emma said, it was like we were in the Mediterranean somewhere.

But the wow factor for me (I'm so easily impressed!) was the shape of the ice cubes!

Kimberlee produced long, thin sticks of ice that were so much more elegant than your usual cube. They'd be GREAT for Pimms.

Further investigation has hunted them down at IKEA . . . and prepare yourself for the shock, but they're only 75c each! Bargain of the century!

So guess where I'm heading this weekend. And you know what? I might even pick up a heart tray while I'm there! Talk about breaking the bank!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Indulged in a little pampering on Sunday with a fabulous pedicure to boost my spirits (thanks Sue!).

Nothing evokes happiness like neon pink nail polish. It was the BEST colour imaginable and I'm sad to cover them up for work.

Have you had parafin wax treatment on your feet before? They come out feeling like baby's skin. Gorgeous.

But back to the colour.

Would love to share a close up with you, but fear my Mother would disown me if I flaunted my 'claws' online. They're not pretty - I take after my Father (so maybe I can hit him up for weekly pedis to keep them under control!?).

But the pink I chose is so pretty. Trust me. Forget the French mani and go with something more daring next time you're playing with colour.

I might have to go for open toe shoes tomorrow . . .

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Vow

I went to see The Vow tonight.

And I cried. Yes, there were tears.

I was long overdue a mushy romance sob or two, so I think Ad forgave me. I brought treats, so that bought me some cred!

Gorgeous movie, and the two leads were divine. I'm waiting for my knight in 'Channing' armour.

Anyway, I digress.

Their Chicago apartment was ah-mazing. Not my usual style, but I loved the hipster feel.

The big lofty, bachelor pad vibe had me going. Makes me want to rough up my pad a little.

But when it comes to the crunch, I think my style is more Paige pre Leo (pearls and mojitos etc) even though I badly want to ooze the same nonchalance and charm of arty Paige in her eclectic apartment.

Hey, I wouldn't say no to Scott Speedman!

Some days

Do you have days when you just know you should've stayed in bed? When everything seems to be going wrong and everyone is ganging up on you?

Maybe it's the heat, maybe I'm overtired, maybe it's El Nino (remember when we could blame everything on that!).

Regardless, I wish I could run away on a camel right now, and join the Made in Chelsea team for a while. Oh to live in their world, if only for a day!

Hope your Monday has started better than mine x

Friday, February 24, 2012

It's hot in here!

The Walker sisters are at it again!

Remember this train party for Boston's first birthday? Well, his talented Mum has outdone herself this year with a fireman themed shindig on their farm.

Abby (Boston's Mum) and Kelly (Zara's Mum - remember the rainbow party from last week) are SA's answer to Amy Atlas . . . but these girls just do it for fun.

Their other sister Bree (who just so happens to be one of my nearest and dearests) has just had a baby herself so we can expect big things from this talented trio over the next few years.

Just what will they think of next!?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring into frills

Loving the new Spring range that Kayce Hughes has just launched.

I received two gorge dresses and one fab frill blouse a couple of weeks ago (hello Hop Shop Go!) and have already debuted the floral shirtdress at The Races last week.

If only our seasons (and clothes sizes!) aligned with the Northern Hemisphere . . . but the end of season sales make it all worthwhile!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

You can have your cake

My gorgeous little niece turned 1 last week and her family and friends celebrated with a little party in the park.

Top effort on the cake, Sam and Ange!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Calling all cowgirls

Saddle-up cowgirls and head out back to indulge in all things wild west!

As promised, I'm thrilled to share Gemma's champagne baby bunch with you (don't worry, the baby mama stayed off the bubbles!). We had so much fun and the guest of honour was made to feel very spesh.

My photography skills (and time management!) have let me down again and I failed to get good pics of the set up and food, but you'll get the idea. These photos really don't do it justice - the backyard looked gorgeous and the food was so 'on theme', I wish you could've been there!

The guest of honour with her brother Cam

The first game was 'guess the baby name'. If Gemma and Ben hadn't chosen a name already, they'd have no trouble picking from this selection! The winner is yet to be decided . . . 

Loved the vintage cowboy fabric that I borrowed from White & Wander.

And there's Antonio keeping an eye on the drinks. Good bull.

Guests were treated to a bandana of their own on arrival and it was fun to see how everyone chose to wear them - around their neck, wrists and 'guns'

What's a Wild West party without Woody!?

 . . . and bullets hit the spot.

The bircher muesli was served in little cupcake wrappers.

These were a great last minute find - realised I needed some 'pregnant friendly' bites after going a bit OTT with cured meats and soft cheeses. I'll post the recipe later this week

Blueberry fritters with lemon curd and cream were a yummy start to proceedings, as were the corn fritters topped with sour cream and chives.

I dressed up some home made baked beans with chorizo for something a bit spesh. Perfect little serves in gelati cups, they were a hit! Stay tuned for recipe - they are so easy to serve up in bulk (I'll be eating them for breakfast, lunch and tea for the next week!)

Can't beat grilled asparagus and prosciutto with hollaindaise

Red hots are a constant on my party menu. So yummy and so easy!

The craft table was a hit in between yummy treats with everyone decorating personalised building blocks for the nursery.

Thank goodness for Kaisercraft!

Libby's cow pats were the perfect 'on theme' sweet

And whoopie pies are the new black - love these little bites! 

Gem's cowboy spears were the perfect 'sweet' finish to the day.

We also indulged in 'Raspberry Wranglers' (aka muffins) thanks to Gemma's Mum and 'Ham and Cheese Hustlers' (aka croissants). And of course, the obligatory Jansz. Yum.

Here's to a happy and healthy few weeks ahead for the expectant parents xo

Just a taste

We had a fabulous day at Gemma's baby shower on Saturday. The cowboy theme was so much fun and everyone got into the spirit.

I'm a lost cause when it comes to remembering to take pics of the food and decos etc, so will have to ask around for some photos. Stay tuned for the update.

In the meantime, meet Antonia Bullderas.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Making a Splash

Adelaide has taken a dose of happy pills and is turning on the charm like never before.

With Mad March before us, this gorgeous city has been having a dress rehearsal to get into the spirit.

Enter Splash Adelaide, an initiative of the Adelaide City Council aiming "to bring the streets and spaces alive in a series of urban experiments".

During the full Splash Adelaide period, the city's come to life with:

• More alfresco dining and street lounges

• Streets re-imagined, laneway closures and more

• Urban experiments in underused places

• Street food carts popping up around the city

• Deckchairs, movies, markets and more

Whether it's table tennis on the footpath, or making smoothies on the back of a bike, there's something edgy and intriguing in all corners of the city.

Check out the Splash Adelaide Facebook page for more photos and details of upcoming projects.

All pics from Splash Adelaide Facebook page